The 2Tall Story:

Very simply, we at 2Tall Racing are all 2Tall for a standard motorcycle. Are we huge? No. We stand around the 6’1”/6’2” range and although women favor this quality, the same certainly cannot be said within the sport of motocross.

As a former rider myself standing at 6’2” (189cm), I always suffered problems with my height that I noticed my shorter riding friends did not suffer from whether it was fatigue, balance or comfort. Later on my two sons started riding and I noticed already from a young age that they were going to suffer from the same problems I had. Because of their height, they were forced to jump on the bigger, more powerful and heavier bikes at a young age regardless if they were ready for the jump up or not. Not only were the bigger bikes a hand full to ride but they found themselves in classes surrounded by riders much older.

This is when I decided to do something about the problem and create something that could accommodate taller riders in the sport of motocross and enduro. I hired a team of engineers specialized in ergonomics. These same engineers designed two complete motorcycles in the past. The Britain motorcycle and the Buckley 500cc GP bike. It didn’t take long for these engineers to conclude that all dirt bikes whether produced in Japan or Europe, are designed for riders at a height of 175cm or 5’8”. Shortly after, we were able to devise a formula to allocate rider height to bike size.

We decided to design and build a prototype to fit a rider standing at 195cm. We used KTM motorcycles to develop this project as the steel frame made it an easy material to work with regards to cutting and welding. The prototype was an instant success as test riders of different heights all enjoyed the way the bike handled and was set up. This includes riders smaller than the 175cm. A good friend by the name of Tony Cooksley (Multi time AMA Veteran champion and FIM World Veteran champion) standing at 170cm rode the bike and was amazed how well the bike handled and fit him, even for someone of his height. This proved our theory. A bike can easily be too small but not too big. A good example of this is kids on 50cc, 65cc, and 85cc bikes. Many of these kids cant reach the ground and need starting blocks on the start line but once they get going are in control. Often they are more successful because they fit the actual cockpit of the bike.

To produce the prototype was not an easy task and many man-hours were put into each frame. Each bike included an all-new frame, altered sub frame, new intake boot, extended seat (100mm), fully adjustable handle bar clamps and many more cosmetic changes to make the bike look good. The changes raised the bike 70mm (foot peg to seat), 100mm longer seat and 40mm longer wheelbase. The steering head was made adjustable at first to test what best suit the changes to the frame however after extensive testing, we were able to conclude that the standard steering angle was the perfect fit for the bike. Shortly after, we came across Daniel Luckfeldt who was working for KTM at that time. Being a tall man himself Daniel heard about the project and contacted us. Daniel recognized the problem we were trying to solve and showed interest in helping us to move forward. He convinced KTM to look into our project and they were showing great interest in beginning however as the emails continued to exchange, we noticed the interest was decreasing to which Luckfeldt informed us that KTM did not have the time and budget to continue with our project.

By this stage we were so far into the project that I packed my bags, two of our frames along with our chief engineer by the name of Stephan Briggs and flew to the KTM head office in Austria. We did some testing with the taller KTM test riders who were immediately convinced. We gained enough information to see that the idea worked and people were interested. So we continued our development to try and develop a kit that was simplified in the hope that riders could install it themselves and taking into account cost.

We knew we had to develop a kit that was completely bolt on. The complexity plus idea of cutting and welding into the frames did not settle well with us OR the customer! We have now achieved a bolt on kit for the full KTM range of motocross and enduro bikes, which come in two sizes to accommodate different heights as well as a bolt on ‘Space’ kit for the KTM and Husqvarna 85/105cc.