The Concept:

If the average height of a rider would be 185cm or 6’1”, manufacturers would have produced a bike with different dimensions. So why should riders of this height continue to ride what is not designed for them. With all the experience and testing done and dusted, we at 2Tall Racing are convinced we made something that will help taller riders improve there performance, comfort and balance plus most importantly, HAVING MORE FUN.

We at 2Tall Racing have manufactured two separate stage bolt-on ‘Space’ kits. This lifts the tank, sub frame and handlebars. These kits not only raise the height but also the overall length of the bike. These Kits come in two stages for all KTM motocross and enduro bikes to fit riders at different heights.

Stage Height
Stage I 5’11”-6’1″
Stage II 6’2″ and up

2Tall Racing only supplies kits for KTM bikes and is continuing to release more models for the Husqvarna models.

The KTM 85/105cc kit allows young riders, who still feel they have a few years left on the 85/105cc to do so. Another benefit is that the bike can be used for a longer period saving the cost of buying a 125cc or 250f. This 85/105cc kit has the same dimensions between the foot pegs to seat as a standard 125cc motocross bike.

The handlebar clamps were designed in a way not only to lift the handlebars, but also move them forward. This allows taller riders to sit more forward (middle of the bike) and have more room on the bike to maneuver. This will put the rider in a position where he will have the right amount of front wheel pressure. One of the main problems by raising handlebars on dirt bikes is that it positions the rider more to the rear. This happens because of the backward angle of the triple clamps.  This results in more weight being distributed to the rear of the bike. The 2Tall handle bar risers are easily adjusted like the standard risers. We also provide two 5mm spacers to adjust the height. We made NO modifications to the foot pegs, as we believe lowering them is a disadvantage on rough and rutty tracks. We do believe in foot pegs that are sitting in the same position but are lowered from the top of the peg. 

With the Space kit, we try to achieve an even weight distribution from the front of the bike to the rear of the bike similar to a person of Standard person on a standard motorcycle as shown in the diagram below.




The 2Tall Racing Space Kit will really make the rider feel like he/she is riding a bigger bike. Proportionally you cannot compare Space Kit concept to a taller seat. As you can see from the stickmen drawings above, the tall person on the 2Tall Racing Kit has his knees at the same spot on the shrouds as the standard person on a standard bike. This can never be achieved with a higher seat. This is the position to which the plastics are designed for. Another huge benefit of raising the bike the way we do is that it keeps the shape and angles of the seat, which cannot be achieved with taller seats without changing the shape. Taller seats need more foam, this means that although you may think your achieving the height needed, the extra foam causes the seat to become softer and as a result you will lose the height you thought you achieved. A majority of taller riders will be heavier and as a result will sink further into the soft foam. Aside from the technical advantages of a kit in comparison to a higher seat, the rider will look more in proportion to the bike.