“I’m 6’5″ tall and struggle to try and make a bike comfortable for me. Current ride 450xcf. Stumbled on 2Tall Racing and found the cure. If you are tall and would like your bike to feel to you the way it should, look them up on the internet. Jan is a great guy and has developed a fantastic product for tall racers and riders.
I purchased the stage 2 which raised my tank and subframe 2 inches as well as moving it all back about an inch or so. He sells the whole kit. Easy install and can be switched to another bike if u purchase a new one.
Feels great. Very pleased with it.”

“Hey 2Tall Racing,

1 year ago I came to the desert and rode this terrain for 4 days. At that time I was riding a KTM 450 with a tall seat, raised flex bars and foot pegs 6mm lower than stock. I stood about 30% of the time only because I had to or go over the bars due to whoops etc. I was very fatigued after each ride of 30-40 miles. Each morning was a battle to get out of bed due to sore legs, shoulders, arms and butt. This made each ride a labor to some degree. This year I am in the same riding shape, riding the same bike but with the stage 2 Too Tall kit. We rode 3 days straight of 48,49, and 50 miles. I stood at least 90% of the time because that is what was most comfortable. We rode the same trails essentially as last year plus about 10 to 15 miles extra each day. I felt great after each ride and every morning I felt absolutely ready to ride some more. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this as the single best aftermarket purchase to anyone that is tall like me. I run many, many aftermarket parts on my bike including a Rekluse that I love but for the guy that doesn’t fit the “standard” in height then this kit will change your biking experience in ways you didn’t think we’re possible.

Thanks again”

– McKay Hugentobler

Frank Carson 6’5”

“I found that once I was able to get into the more technical woods riding that I do, I could definitely feel the difference in the rise of the subframe regarding moving around on the bike and making the transitions to standing in rough rocks and roots.  I am stoked so far.  As I get more comfortable on the bike, I can only imagine the benefit of the kit will increase.”

James Robinson 6’2”

“Installed the kit mate awesome stuff!”

Egmar Klemmer 6’5”

“I have spent a lot of time and money over the past couple of years to make KTMs 450 and 250 bikes fit my 6’5″ frame with 36″ inseam. There are many options for taller seats, handle bar risers and lower foot pegs. All these modifications help. A couple of weeks ago I purchased a stage II kit from 2 Tall Racing and installed it on a 2015 KTM 250 XCW. The result was amazing. For the first time I felt comfortable on a new bike. Another first for me was, that I was able to run stock foot pegs and the stock seat! I now have a baseline straight out of the box that actually feels good.

On a side note: Against all odds the extended sub frame is holding up to abuse really well. So far the 2 Tall Racing Kit has endured many tumbles on failed hill climbs and even the straight impact of another rider falling on to my bike from a 8ft elevation.

Thank you very much for helping out a tall rider.”

Hi Jan,

Your 2tall lift kit was defiantly a product we don’t regret purchasing. Comparing a standard KTM85 to an KTM85 with the 2Tall Racing kit, I was amazed by how much better I felt on the bike. The improvement in speed and technique was fantastic. What I noticed most with the kit, was it allows me to ride longer training motos with less fatigue and greatly improved my race pace towards the end of motos.

It makes it so much easier to go from the sitting position in corners, up into the standing position out of corners and on jumps. I get so much more drive out of corners with the 2Tall Racing kit. The kit puts me in a better riding position on the bike and helps me be more aggressive on up ramps.

I cannot recommend these 2Tall Racing kits highly enough, my only regret is we didn’t get one earlier!

Regards, Danielle Foot #1

I’m very pleased. It feels like a completely different motorcycle. I’m no longer hunched over when standing and am much more comfortable seated as well.

I was actually able to ride with the ball of my right foot on the peg, something I haven’t been able to do for several years now. (bad right knee)

If we were in elementary school I would give you a gold star.

You have an excellent product. My buddies really liked the quality of the kit and the difference it made to the bike. One of them said he would buy one immediately if you made them for Yamahas.

– Paul